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About The Author Denise O’Leary was born in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, and retained her love of the countryside, now living in Chippenham with her husband, Malc, and a large selection of wildlife including their beloved hedgehogs.

Denise launched Purpol Marketing in 2014, as a home-based business offering brand, marketing and bid strategy consultancy specialising in the manufacturing and construction industries. From railway

brake engineering via plastic drainage to construction, Denise saw the marketing ‘fluff’ delivered by some agencies and wanted to offer credible, hard-headed and logical suggestions to clients that actually work. Denise spotted a gap in the market for a tailored service for high-level bid support and marketing director expertise on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

Winning has become a business for Denise, as a multi-award winner and professional bid writer, who has helped clients win opportunities valued at over £3.5bn. From marketing construction to chocolate, lingerie to legionella monitoring, the company Denise built has helped businesses of all types and sizes create winning marketing campaigns and successful bids.


Her love of winning started with ‘slogan’ competitions. Denise studied competitive behaviour as her thesis for a bachelor’s degree, gaining a first; and she wrote about the impact of the internet for her Master of Arts degree, gaining a distinction. From winning TVs to mountain bikes, holidays and even two years’ worth of tights, Denise understands what makes a compelling competition entry and has transferred this knowledge into winning business awards.

Having won dozens of awards herself and for clients, Denise shares her winning secrets so other business owners can gain winning recognition. Denise writes for many large companies and trains staff in bid writing. She also speaks nationally and internationally on “how to win”.

Learn more about Denise O’Leary consulting options on www.deniseoleary.com

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